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Why you can enjoy Galaxy’s Edge without paying extra

Galaxy’s Edge is now open in California and Florida, and with it comes plenty of new treats and experiences, like blue and green milk, custom lightsabers and buildable droids.

With so many exciting options and new experiences, it is undoubtable that spending money can land additional options and ways to see the land.

Though not spending additional money doesn’t mean you won’t get anything out of it either.

There is plenty to see in environment alone, with an atmosphere so enveloping that simply being in Galaxy’s Edge is an experience unto itself. In many ways, it works just as advertised, feeling as if you have left the theme parks and ventured to another planet entirely.

That atmosphere is helped by its marketplace, which needs no purchases to be enjoyed. Vendors stroll around their shops with strange creatures atop their shoulders, and beautiful decorations and active guests make the area feel like a true, live marketplace.

And in terms of live interactions, nothing works as perfectly as the roaming characters, like First Order stormtroopers and Rey, who spend their time speaking to guests and interacting with the land’s many elements.

Getting absorbed in the world becomes even easier with the Play Disney Parks App, which gives guests with smart devices the opportunity to hack into objects and directly interact with physical aspects of the land.

Among the land’s greatest accomplishments are its two attraction, one of which has already opened, and the other which is scheduled to open soon. With an interactive attraction that puts guests in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon, and soon to open multi-part attraction that combines the most inspiring elements from multiple different rides, Galaxy’s Edge offers innovation and excitement at no charge.

Whether a Star Wars fan or not, guests won’t have to fear being left behind by choosing to save money, and can still enjoy the best of what Galaxy’s Edge offers.

Featured image ©Disney.

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