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Why Walt Disney World Resort makes for the perfect senior trip

Photo by Kyle DeSantis via Unsplash.

Even as the COVID-19 vaccine rollout progresses, safe opportunities for graduating students to celebrate with a senior trip still look to be thin. A great longstanding option for senior trips, Walt Disney World Resort makes its strongest case ever for a post-graduation destination.


As important as it is to celebrate an accomplishment as big as a graduation, safety should always come first (especially during a pandemic). Fortunately, Walt Disney World Resort has upheld some of the best safety precautions of any travel destination. Social distancing markers, physical barriers and limited capacity in every location helps, but Disney’s incredible cast members who enforce the rules help even more. Large crowds are relatively easy to avoid when they do group up due to the layout of lines and other areas.

For younger graduates, Disney’s internal transportation makes it easy for them to safely maintain independence. It allows guests to travel at will without needing to worry about for their safety when separated from portions of their party or anyone choosing to chaperone.


Walt Disney World Resort’s safety implementations means a lot of their major experiences are still being offered. While there is no news on fireworks yet, some theater shows have already reopened, with some, like Festival of the Lion King, being scheduled to open this summer. Those experiences combine with most attractions, restaurants and festivals to deliver a vacation that feels full and valuable. It is easy to spend an entire day engaging in activities and relaxing at a resort is easier than ever with limited crowds.

On a trip where you’ll want to create long-term memories, Walt Disney World Resort has a ton to do to accomplish that. No FastPass+ availability means getting to every attraction on your bucket list is simple, and limited capacity means there is enough time to get in lines and do everything the parks have to offer.

The Verdict

While no place can guarantee perfect safety currently, Walt Disney World Resort is as close as it gets. That in addition to the wealth of features, attractions and dining experiences Disney is able to maintain makes it the prime destination for a 2021 senior trip.

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