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Why the holidays are the best time to go to Disneyland Resort

Disneyland® Resort is special at every time of the year. It is Walt Disney’s original park, and is as intimate and special as every account you’ve ever heard. Sleeping Beauty Castle is gorgeous, especially after it’s recent repainting.

And as special as it is, it is even more so during the Halloween and Christmas seasons. The redecoration starts in subtle ways throughout Downtown Disney, which serves as an extended entrance into the parks.

Enormous displays cover the parks’ gateways, with statues, enormous pumpkins, and sprawling Christmas trees covering the parks depending on the season. It’s just as you would expect at any Disney vacation destination, but the intimacy of Disneyland Resort makes everything feel that much closer.

On top of the gorgeous decorations, several attractions get overlay overhauls that completely transform the rising experience.

A fan-favorite is Haunted Mansion Holiday, where Haunted Mansion closes for a couple weeks to undergo a complete transformation into a Nightmare Before Christmas attraction. Stunning animatronics of the film’s characters, gigantic new set pieces and a new storyline, complete with new narration, makes the long-standing attraction new for several months. It’s available during both the Halloween and Christmas seasons.

Radiator Springs completely transforms during the holidays as well, with overlays and decorations so detailed they change the atmosphere of the entire land. It turns something already incredible into one of the most unique locations in any theme park or travel destination in the world.

These are all just small parts of the greater whole. The effort put into every inch of Disneyland Resort during the holidays is only matched by other Disney vacation destinations, and reinforces why one of the best times to go to Disneyland Resort is during the holidays.

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