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Where to Find the Best Christmas Decorations in Resort Hotels

Updated: May 16

Christmas has completely taken over Walt Disney World® Resort, and while each of the parks are filled to the brim with decorations and treats, much of the hotel resorts on property are, too.

Christmas Trees

It’s impossible to miss the enormous Christmas tree towering in front of Disney’s Contemporary Resort, yet most of the hotels on property have a similar one of their own. This outdoors one is the tallest of them all, but many in the other resorts are so beautifully decorated that each one is just as big of a spectacle as the next. If you’re spending any time on your trip resort-hopping, make it a point to catch a glimpse of each hotel’s tree.

If you’re only going to visit one of the oversized Christmas trees, make the one at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge your must-see. It stands high above the already gigantic lobby of the resort, and surrounding it with the resort’s expansive fireplaces and rustic atmosphere creates one of Disney’s best Christmas settings.

The Train Village

Fans of Walt Disney know that few things are more synonymous with the founder of Disney than locomotives. Maybe it’s that unique connection, or maybe just the perfection of the craft that makes the model train village atDisney’s Yacht Club Resort so incredible. It’s one of the most classic Christmas displays in all of Walt Disney World Resort®, and is so perfectly constructed that it’ll make any guest feel like a kid again.

A Holiday Carriage Ride

You can get a carriage ride at any time of the year at Disney’s Port Orleans–French Quarter, but the New Orleans tradition is taken to the next level during the holidays. The resort is packed with a marriage between Christmas and Mardi Gras decorations, a unique fusion between the two holidays that can’t be found anywhere else on property. There’s a layer of added magic when strolling through the resort’s fully-decorated streets in a horse-drawn carriage, and if you can spare the time for some relaxation on your trip, this is one of the best ways to do it.

The Gingerbread House

There are a number of edible displays throughout the resorts at Christmastime, but none are more iconic than the gingerbread house on display in the lobby of Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa. The life-size edible house is loaded with intricate details and also doubles as a shop where you can buy all sorts of gingerbread goodies. The standout among them is the chocolate-dipped gingerbread shingle, which is identical to the ones that make up the display’s roof.

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