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What to do at Universal if you have thrill ride anxiety

As screams echo to the front gate as you scan your ticket into the park, shadows of coasters stretching in the early-morning Florida sun, it is impossible for some not to feel intimidated by the spiraling coasters that make up the skyline of both of Universal Orlando Resort's parks.

So, what do you do if the rest of your party is full of thrill junkies, and you don't want to either hold them back or be left out?

Get on Non-Thrill Rides

Perhaps the most obvious choice, but we previously wrote about how Universal has plenty of non-thrill rides for the averse. It is always possible to divert to such attractions while the adrenaline junkies stick to their favorites, or to wait and bring them along to any of the nineteen more relaxed attractions that fill everyone's needs.

Start with Something in the Middle

If you're unsure about hopping on The Incredible Hulk or Velocicoaster, start smaller with something like Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, where great theming and innovative experiences blend with middle-of-the-road thrill levels that are perfect for easing guests in who may be interested in riding something bigger, but have not worked up the confidence to hop into the spiraling coasters yet. All of the Harry Potter rides serve as a great middle-point that makes thrill more manageable, and can either be a great starting point for those who might be interested in trying more or a big attraction for those who want to stop the thrills there.

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