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What to bring to brave the hot weather in theme parks over the summer

Central Florida gets notoriously hot over the summer, and naturally, so too do the theme park destinations there. With rain and heat but a way of life for locals, it is important to travel prepared so as to face the weather without encountering obstacles during your trip.

For the Sun

Hydration is a must for the constant Florida heat. Though you can get free, iced tap water at a number of locations across the theme parks, the constance of the heat means that bringing your own source of water comes highly recommended.

Protection from the sun is a must for all during the summer. Though many attractions and queues are located indoors, portions are also found outdoors for extended stretches, and that comes without mentioning the time it takes to travel through the parks and wait for additional programming and food outdoors. Sunscreen and hats are a must-carry for any family backpack. Those prone to overheating may want to considering packing a portable fan.

For the Rain

An umbrella or poncho is a must, as rain is almost inevitable during the duration of a Central Florida vacation. We advise picking your favorite of two and leaving the other behind in favor of a lighter backpack. Leave the rain jacket behind—the heat can quickly become too much in June, July and August to wear anything heavier.

Wear shoes you're okay with getting wet. It's common to want to wear your new kicks out on your exciting vacation, but it's significantly less fun seeing them ruined on the first day due to an unexpected downpour. Put extra socks in your backpack and bring a backup pair of shoes to keep in your hotel room in case your primary choice needs to dry during the day.

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