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What are the Epcot® Festivals?

International Food and Wine Festival

The most popular of them all, the Food and Wine Festival has become a vacation destination for some people all on its own, with its various booths taking the idea of eating around the world to the next level. It’s the most food-centric of all the festivals, and new additions in recent years have seen the opening of kiosks in the Future World portion of the park along with the Light Lab, an area where cast members fuse science with drinks. It’s a ton of fun, and the festival remains one of the highest-ranking items on guests must-do lists.

In addition to the rampant food options, this festival also introduced the Eat to the Beat Concert Series, where different bands and musicians will take over the stage in the American Gardens Theatre and perform a full show for the crowd there.

International Festival of the Holidays

There are special holiday-themed food kiosks and concerts that go on during this festival, but what makes it special is seeing each of the pavilions transform into a representation of that country’s Christmas. There’s lots of storytelling and unique decorations, and there’s also the jaw-dropping candlelight processional. A famous narrator akin to Kurt Russell and Whoopi Goldberg narrates the concert as an enormous choir and an orchestra recreates the original Christmas Story.

International Festival of the Arts

The newest of the four festivals, it usual food kiosks appear in a different form, with dishes generally being larger and taking more time to prepare, as each meal is an artistic reimagining of a familiar food that has been beautifully and painstakingly plated. This time Broadway performers take the stage, and vendors around the park sell art and paintings. Several artists work live at their stations, giving guests a first-hand opportunity to see how they operate.

International Flower and Garden Festival

This event recently stepped up the way It presented its food options, and now nearly almost rivals Food and Wine in quality and variety. Topiaries shaped into iconic Disney characters are displayed throughout the park, and every inch of the banks along the water are covered in bright, colorful flowers. It transforms the already varied and scenic park into something gorgeous that pops with enormous amounts of color. Just like at Food and Wine, Flower and Garden features its own concert series on the same stage that highlights some of the most famous artists from before the 2000s.

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