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Universal is exploring a park reservation system

When Walt Disney World® Resort reopened, it instituted a park reservation system that has since remained in place, requiring guests to select what park they first wish to visit on any given day.

Now, according to a survey, Universal may be interested in implementing a version of park reservations, too.

Universal sent a survey to a number of annual pass holders, with questions primarily containing to various aspects of a park reservation system. Universal's park entrance system currently operates as all Orlando-area theme parks did pre-pandemic, using a first-come, first-serve basis by having guests line up at park gates and scan their tickets to enter, without requiring a more intense commitment beforehand aside from asking those not using annual passes to pick general travel dates when purchasing tickets.

With no official announcement, the system is likely still some time away from being implemented, if it ever is, though the focused survey indicates serious discussions revolving park reservations have happened internally.

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