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Three Disneyland Resort attractions that are different than their Walt Disney World counterparts

Disneyland® Resort is home to several of the same attractions as its Florida counterpart,Walt Disney World® Resort, though they each bare their differences.

Hyperspace Mountain® Attraction

Aside from featuring an incredible Star Wars overlay, the track of Disneyland Resort’s Hyperspace Mountain Attraction is different than Walt Disney World Resort’s Space Mountain® Attraction.  Guests in Disneyland Resort are seated side-by-side rather than in rows of one, making the attraction more social than the racing, exhilarating thrill of Florida’s.

it’s a small world® Attraction

This attraction has been famed for its long history and catchy tune, but it’s much different on each coast. The queue for Disneyland Resort’s is all outdoors, with sprawling, brilliant walls that stretch in all directions. The scenes are different between versions, with Disneyland Resort’s featuring characters from popular Disney films.

Indiana Jones® Adventure Attraction

A copy of the DINOSAUR track in Walt Disney World Resort, this attraction takes guests through rocky caves, filled with pyrotechnic effects and a few appearances from the titular character. It is just as racing and rough as its counterpart in Walt Disney World Resort, but its totally altered effects and scenes makes it feel like a different attraction altogether.

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