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The small things to bring on a drive to Walt Disney World

Updated: May 16

Driving to Walt Disney World® Resort is a trip all its own, with the anticipation of the destination an exciting venture that only builds with greater hours. There are the road trip essentials that families should bring, like snacks water, but what about everything else? There are a few necessities, as well as some bonus goodies that can make travel by vehicle, and your arrival at Walt Disney World Resort, the smoothest possible experience.


Florida has toll roads, and though they can be paid for by card and cash, an express lane allows for deposit of direct change. Traffic rarely slows to a halt in the lane, as exact change has to be dropped into a bin in order to move on, rather than payment delivered to and processed by a person. It’s a simple way to ease the drive, but the convenience makes all the difference in the world.

Hand Sanitizer or Wipes

If there are two constants when traveling with families, they are that kids will make messes and there will be plenty of bathroom stops. Sanitizer and/or wipes cover all your bases in that regard, helping clean up and clean yourself after running into heavily used restrooms or cleaning up the chocolate that got dropped on the back seat.

A Disney Guide

Few things are better to do than research your destination while on the way.  There are tons of guidebooks, from detailing the yearly updates to the parks to scavenger hunts on hidden Mickeys, giving plenty of options for studying ahead of the big trip. Say Magical Vacations also offers its own set of iteneraries and tools to help navigate the parks, so you’ll never have to brave the unknown when arriving.

Packed Backpacks

If you plan on spending significant time out of your room on arrival day, packing a couple backpacks ahead of time with a few necessities and hygiene tools to freshen up can be essential in giving that post-drive boost necessary for charging into Disney Springs, resort hopping or the parks. Being able to drop your luggage off at the hotel and take your backpacks without having to immediately sort through your belongings means more time to explore and play. The greatest tool preparing for the drive allows is the ability to spend more time on vacation, and less time fiddling with finer details.

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