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The best time to plan a vacation to see Galaxy’s Edge near opening

Updated: May 16

With the new Star Wars-themed land opening in Disneyland® Resort this summer and Walt Disney World® Resort closer to the end of the year, crowds are certain to grow as guests and hardcore fans of the franchise pile in.

Dodging crowds won’t be easy, and if you’re trying to go while Galaxy’s Edge is still new, it just gets a little more difficult. It’s reasonable to expect heavy crowds in the new land during most times of the year, but things get much busier during school holidays shared across the United States. For those who often visit the Florida parks, don’t expect the crowds to be lighter since Galaxy’s Edge has already opened in California. So, it’s necessary to divide the best times to visit, if you want to be there close to opening, into different categories.

The Overall Best Time

If you’re not bound by work or school obligations, the best time to make it to Galaxy’s Edge while avoiding crowds is likely going to be next February. Just after schools start class again, crowds do tend to lighten up and wait times drastically shorten. It’s right before the spring holiday season, too, so you can beat the crowd and still get to Galaxy’s Edge close to opening day.

Families with Children in School

Things get tougher when balancing an entire family, but not impossible. If you can spare the wait and the heat, going early in the summer is the best trip. With rumors flying about that Florida’s installment of Galaxy’s Edge opening in December, It might seem easy to just slip in around Christmas and New Year’s. It’s one of the busiest stretches of the entire year, though, and things are bound to get busier with Galaxy’s Edge. Crowds are likely to be apparent while classes are on break as well, so if you can manage to wait until the end of May, going just after the school year ends is likely your best chance to get in with as low crowds as possible.

College Students

Many college students have the fortune of starting class later than high schoolers, meaning a large demographic of Disney’s audience is met with other obligations. The best time to go is between New Year’s and Marathon Weekend, letting you avoid two of the year’s biggest crowds.

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