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The best Disney Springs offerings during the holidays

Updated: May 16

The Halloween season is coming to a close, which means that the Christmas decorations and events are rolling through shortly. As has been highlighted, Disney Springs has a ton to eat and do, and that only expands during the holiday season.

The Christmas Tree Trail

In the Marketplace area of Disney Springs, near Once Upon a Toy, sits a pathway covered in falling snow, Christmas trees, and music. The trees are themed to the brim with an overload of decorations from iconic Disney and Pixar films.

It’s a great photo opportunity, and a perfect spot if you want to jump out of the shops and restaurants to take in the holiday spirit for a bit.

Meet Santa Clause

Guests who look for rare character meet-and-greets should look no further. While Santa appears in the Disney Springs Marketplace around the same time every year, it’s the only time of the year that guests can meet him in Disney.

It’s one of the easiest lines you’ll ever have to stand in because you’ll hardly have to wait in line. Santa has helpers at the cottage across from Once Upon a Toy. They’ll take your phone number and queue it up with the other guests, and you’re then free to shop and eat until receive a text from Santa’s helpers. All you have to do is return to the cottage within 10 minutes of getting the text, and you’ll be sent in for the classic-but-unique meet-and-greet.

Santa will be available on Nov. 8 and until Dec. 24 from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m.

Stitch’s Holiday Scavenger Hunt

Originally a Kim Possible and then Perry the Platypus-themed scavenger hunt in Epcot®, the idea has since been expanded to other parks and other areas of property. Disney Springs will get its own until Jan. 6, where guests are tasked with helping Stitch locating his missing shopping list.

Guests can pick up the scavenger hunt booklet that comes with a map, clues, and stickers at any of the 18 participating locations around Disney Springs. In each site, there’s a hidden Stitch holding up a different item. You just have to locate the alien and put the sticker of the item he’s holding on the corresponding place on the map, and then turn the map into any of the redemption locations. Guests can each get a secret prize for completing the booklet, which also serves as a tour of the most iconic locations in Disney Springs. If you’re going there for the first time, there’s no better way to see it all.

Featured image ©Disney.

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