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Spoiler-free Frozen 2 Review

This is a spoiler-free review. Thus, comments are kept vague enough to give an impression without divulging any plot details.

Naturally, the follow-up to one of Disney’s most iconic modern movies, Frozen, brought with it lofty expectations, making Frozen 2’s accomplishments as a worthy successor all the more impressive. It is bar-none one of Disney’s best animated sequels, and in some moments manages to outshine its predecessor. From gorgeous visuals to its mature world and story, Frozen 2 takes significantly bigger risks than its sequel, and most of them pay off.

Undoubtedly due to its use of modern technology, the movie is undoubtedly one of Disney’s best looking. Its animation is consistently jaw-dropping, with some moments so visually stunning that it makes it difficult to place it in the same tier as other contemporary animated films. Its usage of color in the film’s visually darker moments is stunning, and I found several moments throughout the movie where I could not shut my jaw. Those moments future-proof the movie, for while technology will inevitably advance, the way Frozen 2 constructs its visuals will leave it gorgeous forever.

Its story and characters have matured much the same as its visuals. Its one of the most complex worlds Disney has ever built, with loads of background characters, lores and metaphors.All that background serves as a landscape for some of the most thoughtful character development Disney has put into its characters in the modern area. Anna and Elsa face their greatest personal conflicts, and through it, have the most opportunity for growth. The lessons they teach are exceptionally powerful, and though complex, are told clearly enough for even the youngest viewers to get a grasp on what is occurring.

Its music is similarly complex, and is as consistent and coherent as some of Disney’s greatest soundtracks. With a backlog of soundtracks as sonically perfect as Disney’s, the perfection of Frozen 2‘s is staggering. The persisting question has always been whether or not it would be able to produce a track as widely accepted as a hit as “Let it Go,” but in watching Frozen 2, it feels like the film tries to go in an entirely different direction. The music is more contemplative and thoughtful, aligning itself more with Moana’s “I am Moana” and Tangled’s “When Will My Life Begin” than the the catchy hits from the first Frozen, and while it is certainly all preference, Frozen 2’s music consistently struck the perfect chord for me.

The seriousness of the film is broken up by some of the most genuinely hilarious moments in a Disney film to date. There are several scenes in particular that had everyone in my party laughing out loud, and a music number that easily the funniest a Disney movie has ever had.

Frozen 2 is a genuine joy to behold in nearly every regard, and should stand the test of time as one of Disney’s best sequels for years to come. It is must-see, and should prove to be just as wonderful on repeat viewings.

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