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Simple tips for a better Disney vacation

Updated: May 16

There can be a lot of planning involved in visiting Walt Disney World® Resort, but there’s also a lot you can do that will instantly make your trip more magical.

Use My Disney Experience

The mobile phone app is your personal guide to the parks. It has maps of every spot on property, you can check details about your trip, get updated wait times, make reservations, order food through mobile ordering, and schedule fastpasses. It’s a must-have item that’ll keep you better informed and will allow you to fully customize your trip on the fly.

If you missed that big reservation or a fastpass at one of the new attractions, always check the app in the few days before you’ll be attending the park where that restaurant or attraction is located. Guests often give up a fastpass or a reservation last minute, so you still might be able to sneak into them.

Schedule your fastpasses early

When you reserve your fastpasses, you’re allotted three at a time. Once you’ve used them all, you can schedule more for your entire party using the My Disney Experience app. So, the earlier you make your initial three fastpasses, the more fastpasses you can book throughout the day. As soon as you scan your MagicBand or card to enter the queue for an attraction, you can check My Disney Experience to snag another fastpass. Unless you’re a local, it might be wise to hold off on getting the fastpass for one of the nighttime shows. Sometimes they’ll still be available later in the evening, and you wouldn’t want to be stuck without the ability to schedule more fastpasses.

Get to the parks at rope drop

Waking up and getting to the parks right as they open doesn’t just mean that there’s more time for rides, but it also means that lines are shorter and you can get on some of the rollercoasters that you normally would have used a fastpass on without waiting long for it. Hitting the park as soon as it opens also gives you pictures with less people in the background and an opportunity to just stroll through the parks without dense crowds. It’ll help ease the rush of your trip and make it feel less finite.

Get a travel agent

Did you know that travel agents don’t cost you anything? They take a lot of the stress and guesswork out of planning a vacation. Whether you’re going for the first time or the hundredth, travel agents take a bulk of the work from you so that you can spend more time enjoying the parks around you and less time trying to plan every single moment.

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