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Is there a place in Walt Disney World for the non-Disney fan?

Updated: May 16

As much as we can all easily proclaim our love for Disney, whether because of its products, what it stands for the memories attached to it, a lot of us have a family member or two who have yet to relate to it on some levels. When looking to travel to Walt Disney World® Resort as a family, it’s important to ensure everyone attending can discover enough love to have an equally wonderful vacation as the rest, even if they have yet to make the same connection as everyone else in the party. Fortunately, the Disney parks are designed so that no matter a guest’s experience level with the company, they can still discover just as much as a guest who has been a dozen times (and might just become a fan at the end). Here’s how Disney creates a perfect destination for everyone in the party:


The consistency of design is a tangible trait that has to be seen to be believed. There’s such an intense attention to detail put into every corner of the parks and resorts’ creation that creates the magic so many fans feel even after numerous trips. The attention to detail keeps a lot of guests coming back, as on return trips there’s always a new detail to find. Discovery is an important part of the Disney experience, and the company’s imagineers have developed a distinct feel to each area so that those details can continue to be discovered. Everything from the colors to the scents in each corner of the park speaks to the love that went into the parks’ creation, with a walk into the side alleys and shops of Main Street, U.S.A.®perfectly demonstrates how Disney creates a feel unlike anywhere else in the world.


No theme park is complete without great attractions, and Disney’s is among some of the best. For those who are fans of theater and music, Disney has a host of shows perfect to match that style of entertainment. Dark rides, like Peter Pan’s Flight®, are perfect for both younger and older guests who want more of the Disney atmosphere but without the thrills of the larger rides. And then there lies Disney’s biggest thrills, where development around Disney’s intellectual properties is lighter, and fresh, original ideas back winding coasters and plummeting drops perfect for the braver guests in your party. Newer attraction lean more heavily on technological advancements to surprise and deliver unique riding experiences, so those guests more fascinated by the engineering and mechanics of the world have a place where they are welcome, too. Every attraction also brings with it its own story that engages guests from the moment they step foot in line, creating a tale that feels every bit as part of the atmosphere as the rest of the parks. On top of the attraction experiences themselves, new technology and an updated FastPass system makes it easier to navigate lines and get more done during a vacation than ever before.

Culinary Experiences

The Disney parks have no shortage of dining options, featuring such incredible variety that even the most complex of palettes will find culinary challenges to seek their teeth into. Presentation is the name of the game at the Storybook Dining at Artist Point with Snow White, where the restaurant’s theming and gorgeous food dishes are perfect ways to introduce the foodie in your party to the Disney experience. For those who want to experience the epitome of Florida cuisine on a vacation to one of the most fascinating melting pots in the southern region of the United States, Chef Art Smith’s Homecomin’ is there to serve with its locally sourced dishes and in-house hot sauce. Victoria & Albert’s serves as a more sophisticated dining experience as a recipient of the AAA Five Diamond Award. Takumi-Tei is one of the most recent entries in Disney’s culinary lineup, bringing together fine dining with authentic Japanese cooking to create one of Disney’s most unique dining experiences.

So, to answer the initial question, there is a lot for guests who have yet to fall in love with the Disney brand to discover on a Disney vacation, but there’s no promise they won’t return home asking when the next trip to a Disney park is. One of Disney’s greatest strengths has always been its development around every member of the party, and not just the hardcore fans or the new ones. Disney parks serve as the epitome of a melting pot, bringing together a multitude of cultures in a judgement-free zone that allows everyone from all backgrounds and passions to find a place they can both learn and have fun-filled vacation.

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