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How to stay safe in Walt Disney World Resort during coronavirus outbreak

Since the virus known as COVID-19 became rampant, countries have implemented travel advisories and theme parks have closed, though Walt Disney World® Resort remains open. Though cases found in Florida have been isolated, there is justifiable concern as both foreign and domestic travelers continue to head to the parks.

Though Disney recently announced increased sanitation efforts at Walt Disney World Resort, there are things every guest can do that can keep themselves safer:

Wash Your Hands

It is the advice that has been reported by every outlet and plastered on every social media website, and for good reason. Thoroughly washing your hands is the easiest way to help prevent contracting the coronavirus, as it helps protect from the germs associated with the sickness. The simple act of keeping your hands clean can go a long ways to remaining safe.

Use Hand Sanitizer

Travel-sized hand sanitizers are a cheap, convenient way to stay clean when interacting with different people. It helps when washing your hands after a ride is not convenient or sensible, and is easy enough to get one for everyone in the family.

Maintain Healthy Practices

As simple as it may sound, maintaining good health is essential. The coronavirus is more prominent in those with weakened immune systems, so it is wise to curb other viruses and infections as soon as possible. It never hurts to stay hydrated, and always monitor your health when traveling is on the horizon.

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