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How the DAS Card helps guests who cannot wait in Walt Disney World Resort lines

Disney has long made its commitment to guests with access needs, and the Disability Access Service (DAS) Card is one of its best offerings at Walt Disney World® Resort.

The DAS Card allows any guests with a disability (and the party with them), whether visible or not, to still get to attractions where they could not otherwise wait in a traditional line.

Guests can get a DAS Card from guest services at the park entrance of the park they are first attending, but the pass will be good for all locations. Simply explaining your need of the card (with no need for documentation) to a guest services cast member will net one. Upon doing so, the guest will complete and registration process and have a photograph taken to verify identity whenever the pass is used throughout the day. It is intended specifically for guests—and their parties—who have any apparent or non-apparent disorder that prevents them from waiting in traditional lines. The DAS Card does not apply to those who must use a wheelchair or ECV for mobility purposes, as Disney's queues are accessible to those mobility form.

Guests with a DAS Card can take the card to any cast member at an attraction's entrance or visit the cast members located at the guest relations team blue umbrellas scattered throughout each park. There, the cast member will provide the person with the card, along with their party, a return time for the desired attraction. This way the party can continue to make use of the park's other amenities while still technically waiting for the attraction, just not while in a physical line. The guests are to return at any point after the indicated return time to the attraction's FastPass+ entrance, where the guest and their party will be granted entrance to the attraction.

Do note that the guest with the DAS Card must scan their MagicBand or ticket first—in the same way they would scan a FastPass+—before the rest of the party can scan. As this is intended to be a substitute for waiting in a physical line, the cardholder must be present (and their identification is verified), or else the rest of the party cannot ride. Should the party want to ride the attraction without the cardholder, they can still wait in the standard queue. Another party member can, however, acquire the DAS pass in place of the cardholder.

Guests can also use this in tandem with the standard Disney's FastPass+ service when it returns, and is not intended to be a substitute for a FastPass+.

Walt Disney World Resort also offers devices that assist those in need of hearing assistance as well as a special parks guide for those who have cognitive disabilities in case additional help is needed either aside of or along with the DAS Card.

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