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Everything you need to know about Walt Disney World Resort's new fireworks spectaculars

Updated: May 16

In a quick return to pre-coronavirus normalcy, Walt Disney World® Resort is not only bringing fireworks and nighttime spectaculars back, but announced that new ones are on the way for the 50th anniversary celebrations..

So, what do you get to see when you travel?

Returning Fireworks

Happily Every After and Epcot® Forever make their returns July 1, complete with dessert parties. As far as is known, both nighttime spectaculars will return to their full, original versions, with guests allowed to stand in any location to watch. Walt Disney World Resort has moved social distancing policy on an individual, as-appropriate-for-the-individual basis, so social distancing is not expected to be enforced for the shows at this time.

New Fireworks

Disney announced two new nighttime spectaculars, both set to launch with the 50th anniversary on Oct. 1, 2021. Epcot will be getting the highly anticipated, state-of-the-art Harmonious. Park visitors have been able to see the barges being used for lighting and water effects sitting on the World Showcase Lagoon for the past few months, and guests living in nearby resorts can occasionally see fireworks testing late at night. It will be replacing Epcot Forever permanently, so guests who have yet to see it will have three months to do so.

Happily Ever After is also likely taking a bow so the new Disney Enchantment can take the stage. Not much has been revealed yet about the new show, but it will bring the usual projection mapping, pyrotechnics and fireworks together with new projecting mapping all down the Main Street, U.S.A. Area.

It is unknown at this time as to whether or not Disney Enchantment will be permanent, but no announcement has been made that Happily Ever After won't someday return.

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