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Everything you need to know about Tiana's Bayou Adventure

When can you ride?

Walt Disney World©  Resort's newest attraction replaces Splash Mountain, and guests can ride it starting June 28, 2024.

How can you ride?

Upon opening, guests can ride Tiana's Bayou Adventure via Disney's virtual queue system or by buying Individual Lightning Lane access. A standby line will not be available upon the attraction's opening, though this is subject to change in the days beyond.

What's changed?

The ride system has remained the same as Splash Mountain's, so all the small drops, the famous big one and the dark ride sections of storytelling are all still there.

But starting from the queue itself, everything about the presentation has changed. The queue is heavily dressed in the vibrant, cartoon New Orleans from Princess and the Frog, complete with Tiana's kitchen that's decorated with fresh-smelling beignets. Note that you'll skip this iconic room in the Lightning Lane line, but you can see it from the outside.

The complete reshaping of the attraction's decor makes it feel totally new. New water effects, lighting effects and animatronics of both returning Princess and the Frog characters and fresh faces make this exciting ride fresh despite the unchanged ride track. The storyline is new—a sequel to the original film that will tie into the upcoming Tiana Disney+ series—and maintains that classic Disney dark ride feel. It cannot be overstated how much of an accomplishment Tiana's Bayou Adventure is—this is one of Disney's most exciting and colorful attractions.

Will you get wet?

There's getting lucky and avoiding getting wet here, as the new water effects splash everyone. You won't get so drenched it looks like you just got off Kali River Rapids and you should dry off quickly in the Florida heat, but guests more sensitive to the idea should take note.

What about souvenirs?

Though not open for us to explore during the attraction's preview phase, Tiana's Bayou Adventure will feature two gift shops near the attraction's entrance and exit.

Can you get beignets?

Yes! Tiana's Bayou Adventure brings Tiana's famous beignets—different from the Mickey-shaped ones available at Disney's Port Orleans Resort - French Quarter—complete with powdered sugar and drizzled in honey. Upon attraction opening, they'll be available at Golden Oak Outpost and The Friar's Nook (for a limited time as of now).

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