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DINING REVIEW: Whispering Canyon

It's impossible to miss Whispering Canyon, as it is tucked into the side of Disney's best resort hotel lobby: Disney's Wilderness Lodge Resort. Added to an abundance of phenomenal dining options, Whispering Canyon helps make the resort one of the best non-dining options at Walt Disney World® Resort.

Still Playful

Though over the years it has been toned down slightly, Whispering Canyon is still a playful dining affair. It takes away the seriousness of fine dining and instead creates a family-friendly, fun atmosphere where your waiters play with you as much as your children might play with their food.

There are plenty of inside jokes to be made here, but service has never taken a dip because of it. I've consistently had outstanding servers each time I have dined, which has help balance the silliness with plenty opportunity to still enjoy a nice evening of food.

Still, there is emphasis played on the fun of the experience. If you are looking for something a little quieter, then you might want to look at dining elsewhere. However, if you are looking for good food and a good time, there is a guaranteed chance you will walk out of the evening smiling.

All About the Eats

As fun and rowdy as the playfulness is, servers will still give you plenty of time to enjoy the actual act of dining. And make no mistake, there is plenty to be had here.

While there are al-la-carte options, the real star of the show is the ll-you-care-to-enjoy menu. $34 per person, rather than getting a pre-selected food spread, each guest can pick from a number of skillets and customize the variety they receive. There are a ton of options, and the quality of the barbecue is high.

What's so excellent here—aside from the great quality—is the variety. Each guest in the party can order a different table-size skillet that everyone paying can eat from, so you can fill the table with a lot of different foods. From The Traditional (styled after a classic barbecue spread), to The Pig (pork-based), to The Land and Sea (featuring salmon and veggies), to the Plant-based (wildly creative options for the meat-averse), this menu is the perfect one for those with big parties and big appetites.


If you're looking for something more playful with an enormous variety of options—or if you have a large appetite—Whispering Canyon is a cannot-miss affair that is easy to satisfy an entire party. Great service that still cares about the quality of your dining experience help elevate a cool idea to something special.

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