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All the Disney Parks recipes released this year that you can cook at home

The Disney Parks Blog has been putting out fan-favorite recipes from the theme parks for years now, and has been doing so more frequently during the coronavirus pandemic. The following recipes (and links) were all made available this year, with most of the ingredients being common ones found in your homes, or easy enough to find through mobile ordering at grocery stores.

Latin-Inspired Dishes

Though the pandemic has reduced the possibility of the extensive full lineup of festivals at Epcot® this year, but these Latin-inspired dishes help keep the festival spirit alive. They are some of the more adventures items Disney has released too, so if your family is looking to try something new while inside, this is the perfect place to start.

Plant-Based Cookie Fries

This dish has something for everyone, the philosophy behind Beaches & Cream, where it comes from. It’s perfect for those who trend plant-based and vegan, as well as those who have a sweet tooth.

Churro Bites

Few Disney parks foods are more representative of the theme park experience than churros. These are simpler to make, as they are a lot smaller, and they are easier to share with other members of the family (if you are so brave).

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Few sandwiches are outright simple and understandable such as grilled cheese, but this one from Woody’s Lunchbox is elevated thanks to a few extra secrets. It is still simple enough for inexperienced cooks or you chefs to try their hands at, but is complex enough for those who want something a little more intricate.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Banana French Toast

Disney’s PCH Grill serves one of the most decadent breakfast dishes on property. It’s heavy on the sweet side, so might be better situated as a desert when you’re in your normal routine of home life, but it’s a fantastic snack to make in every regard.

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