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Your guide to Epic Universe's How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk

Updated: May 16

Universal revealed a deep dive into one of five worlds coming to Universal Epic Universe theme park in 2025, themed around its beloved How to Train Your Dragon films.

Universal's press release said, "Guests visiting Berk will encounter one of the most breathtaking environments Universal has ever created – complete with immense architecture featuring hand-carved details, lush landscaping, and extraordinary heights of rolling hills surrounding vibrant dragon houses and local establishments."

Upon stepping into the land, Universal said, “Guests’ first sight of Berk will be reminiscent of the iconic sweeping vista straight from the films – featuring a vast sparkling lagoon that boasts two 40-foot-tall Viking statues set against an energetic village perched above churning seas.”

Hiccup's Wing Gliders

How to Train Your Dragon - Isle of Berk is a family-centric land, and its new coaster is at the heart of the notion. This 45 mph coaster will weave between the land and will show guests what it feels like to soar around on dragonback like Hiccup.

Dragon Racer's Rally

Guests will be able to control how "wild" they want this attraction to be, where Universal said, “Berk’s new Vikings racers can practice aerobatic maneuvers and high-speed barrel rolls on two Viking-made dragon-riding trainers that reach heights of up to 67 feet in the air."

Fyre Drill

“Guests will board a colorful dragon-headed boat and blast water cannons at flame-like targets to practice putting out fires – a crucial skill to master when living with dragons,” Universal said.

Viking Training Camp

This expansive play area will feature, "a Viking agility course, a Toothless-themed teeter-totter, baby Gronckle dragon climbers and so much more.”

The Untrainable Dragon

This live show will be inspired by the version at Universal Beijing Resort.

“This dragon-filled live spectacular takes guests on an unforgettable journey with beloved characters Hiccup, Toothless, Gobber, and Astrid as they work together to solve the mystery of The Untrainable Dragon,” Universal said.

Haddock Paddock

Throughout the day, guests can meet Hiccup, Toothless and Berk's other vikings.

Dining and Shopping

The fast casual Mead Hall will be the land's primary dining location. There will be two additional quick service locations, Spit Fyre Grill and Hooligan’s Grog & Gruel.

Four locations will provide guests the opportunity to purchase themed merchandise: Viking Traders, How to Treat Your Dragon, Hiccup’s Work Shop and Toothless’ Treasures

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