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You Guide to the EPCOT International Festival of the Arts

Updated: May 16

The EPCOT® International Festival of the Arts is Walt Disney World Resort®'s first and most unique dining festival. With colorful food, broadway performers and plenty of paint, this one-of-a-kind festival has plenty to offer guests of all tastes.

The festival runs until Feb. 19, 2024.

Food Studios

Sixteen food kiosks decorate EPCOT with deconstructed dishes, decadent desserts and bright cocktails. Disney released the full menu, which you can view here. Those on a dining plan can use snack credits at many of the booths for those who want to sample the festival but avoid spoiling a full meal.


Each festival provides a musical accompaniment at the America Gardens Theatre, and this arts celebration has legendary Broadway performers from some of Disney's best musicals take center stage. You can view the full lineup here.

Make Art

You can make your own art at the festival! The paint-by-numbers mural that allows all guests to participate in selecting a few squares to paint in a larger picture.

And when the America Gardens Theatre isn't being used for concerts, guests can sit in on classes to learn to draw iconic Disney characters.


Paintings and art are purchasable at booths throughout World Showcase. It is also joined by the usual suite of festival-exclusive merchandise, including a light-up Imagination Pavilion Figment popcorn bucket that is only available via the My Disney Experience app.

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