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Why you should go to Disney a full day early

Updated: May 16

For most guests, the biggest draw of Walt Disney World® Resort is the four theme parks, and deservedly so. But while the parks might be the biggest attraction, there is so much to enjoy outside of them that it warrants a full day extra at the beginning of the trip before all the park days begin.

Time to Relax

Whether driving or flying to Orlando, traveling can be exhausting. Getting to the parks a full day in advance means getting the opportunity to rest and get an early night’s sleep, an essential part of the strategy for getting the most out of rope drop and Extra Magic Hours.

Resort Hop

There’s nothing quite like exploring Disney’s expansive resort hotels and giving yourself enough time to lounge in their enormous lobbies and soak in all of their intricate details. Getting to Disney a full day ahead of visiting the parks gives plenty of time to take the monorail to each of the Magic Kingdom® Park resorts, as well as enough time to dine at one of their iconic restaurants.

Unless you’re taking a break from the heat of the parks by spending some time in one of the nearby resort hotels, the available time to explore Disney’s hotels gets significantly shorter during those park days.

Disney Springs

Slowing down during that extra day is the name of the game, and the best place to do it is in Disney Springs. While Disney Springs is often open after the parks close, it might get tough to dedicate the time needed to explore most of the area. With its more recent updates, Disney’s hub for out-of-park entertainment is so loaded with experiences that it deserves at least half a day on its own.

It’s that extra time to stretch out some of Disney’s additional entertainment that makes starting your vacation a day early worth it. Starting a Disney vacation with a slow-paced day can make all the difference in the world, leading to better, more energy-filled park days.

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