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Why should an experienced guest use a travel agent?

Travel agencies are growing in popularity, and are likely no stranger to those who have taken trips abroad, but many agencies are at least in part dedicated to all sorts of Disney-focused vacations. A lot of guests typically express enjoying planning Disney vacations on their own, and those who have been before like to tailor their experiences based on what they’ve done before. So, is there a benefit in using a travel agency for a seasoned guest?

The short answer is yes, and it starts at the simple fact that since travel agents are paid commission by Disney, their services are completely free. Everything from a simple consultation to booking an entire trip with an agent is never going to cost a guest anything, so the act of merely calling and asking further questions is an easy, free way to get a head start.

It goes a lot deeper than that, though, as agencies can take a lot of the more monotonous work out of a trip, giving guests more time to plan the more exciting and intricate details. While you’re free to do so on your own, agents can handle booking everything from your rooms, to your fastpasses, to your dining, either at your instruction or at their suggestion, ensuring that you never lose out on one of your cannot-miss experiences while you get to search everything else.

Agents can also help you make adjustments mid-trip. Need help searching for a spontaneous reservation or fastpass? Lose one of your valuables and need to know where to look for it or get a replacement? While agents can’t suddenly make something appear out of thin air, they can search such things for you while you continue to play at the resorts or in the parks, relieving you of the stress of finding something last minute and giving you more time on the spot to enjoy your vacation.

Aside from all the additional bits of advice, tips and tricks, and booking assistance, agents have access to a lot of special packages and deals that not every guest will have the ease of finding. They can break down different price points for different resorts and travel dates, and often have access to special offers than can drastically reduce the price of your trip.

Say Magical Vacations also includes a gift and a packet with every trip booked that includes facts about your resort, reminders for all of your important booking dates, and an itinerary that includes information like park and show times and well as a calendar detailing crowd levels.

The easiest first step to checking out a travel agency is just calling one or submitting an inquiry. If you want to get started, clicking here can get you a quote on your desired trip.

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