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Why it is still worth planning your Disney vacation

Updated: May 16

It was announced that Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort will be closed indefinitely due to safety concerns surrounding COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean the parks won’t make a comeback. Both destinations are still upholding some reservations, and are continuing to take them beginning on June 1. Though those dates are certainly no promise for reopening, it should offer some hope: the parks will reopen.

And whenever they do, it will be worth the wait, as hard as that wait may be.

The Disney parks are places of celebration and escape, something we will all desperately need once the virus and its tragedies have passed us and regular life is safe to resume.

When the parks reopen, many cast members will return to work at the places they love, and guests with long-anticipated, rescheduled vacations will travel. It will be a time unlike any other in the parks,  and is why it is worth rescheduling your affected vacations and planning them out all over again.

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