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Why Food and Wine Festival is worth an entire day

When festival season rolls around at Epcot®, questions often pop up among guests as to whether it is worth dedicating the majority of a day to the festival.

And with the upcoming Epcot®Food & Wine Festival,  that question is as relevant as ever. For festival veterans, plenty of new menu items make the festival particularly intriguing, and for first-timers, it is as exciting as ever.

While the festival can certainly serve as a pass-through experience, those who want to eat from most of the kiosks or experience the seminars and demonstrations are going to want to reserve a full day of vacation for the event.

It is worth thinking of the festival in a similar vein to drinking around the world, as much of this festival’s food items are denser dishes that sit heavy on the stomach. It takes longer to try a multitude of dishes, and the Florida heat tells guests to take their time.

It is worth experiencing as many of the festivals dishes as possible, due to the quality of ingredients and variety of flavors. Dishes carry a uniqueness in construction, and the drinks that accompany them are equally interesting.

It’s not just worth going to this year’s festival, but it’s worth spending an entire day at it, riding the attractions and exploring the shops of World Showcase in between hopping between countries and sampling an abundance of food.

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