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Why Disney is better than ever for young adults

Updated: May 16

The Disney parks and resorts have always catered to people of all ages, but it seems to better at that now more than ever. Just as always, there have been loads of opportunities for families of numerous sizes, but what about those who do not have one?

Disney’s young adult population seems to be surging lately, and it is for good reason, as the parks have never been so perfectly suited for every demographic.

That is thanks to the company’s insistence on pushing its technology, and its understanding of trends that make it more than just a location for tourists, but a place to learn and explore.

With attractions like Flight of Passage, Millennium Falcon: Smuggler’s Run and the upcoming Tron coaster, rides have never been so fun and so fascinating. In a generation that has grown up surrounded by rapidly developing technology, the stuff in Disney attractions, like the animatronic inNavi River Journey and the trackless tech behind Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, rides have never been so interesting or so fun to such a specific crowd.

Disney’s increased push for limited, social-media friendly food, dining festivals and innovation in adult beverages has led to an atmosphere where both older and younger adults can fit, bringing social discoveries and conversation pieces that theme parks never offered before. It is no secret that younger crowds tend to enjoy exploring new options, and Disney has put itself in a position, whether through dining, merchandise, or technology, to provide that.

The company’s awareness does not end where the options begin, though, as Disney long ago began offering single-rider lines, which is as perfect for young, single guests just as much as it is families who are not all interested in the attraction.

Disney Springs has helped with such a message, as the revamped shopping and dining district is filled with stores that revolve around modern clothing trends and innovative food experiences. It encapsulates everything essential to modern vacation culture, and evolves it in such a way that feels genuine to Disney’s brand.

All of Disney’s messaging has purveyed a sense of self-awareness that indicates its parks will be a welcoming place to people of all ages, but young adults especially, for the foreseeable future.

Featured image ©Disney.

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