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Which Universal Orlando Resort park should you attend if going for a single day?

When traveling to Central Florida for a weekend or when looking to take a brief diversion from another trip with a day at Universal Orlando Resort, we often recommend a two-park ticket to give guests the best of both worlds.

But staying in just one could allow guests more time to focus on the attractions most important to them, and which park guests should attend depends on their preferences.

Bringing the family?

Though both Universal Orlando theme parks have many family-friendly offerings, Universal Studios Florida takes our recommendation for parties with varied ages due to its abundance in both rides and activities that are appropriate for a multitude of ages.

The plentiful character meet-and-greets introduce many characters likely familiar to children, such as Spongebob SquarePants and some of the biggest DreamWords icons.

The shows are geared toward more varied ages as well, with Animal Actors on Location! providing live animals for guests to watch at a safe distance that is still as engaging as the day it debuted. The Bourne Spectacular provides an action-filled, close-up show that serves the guests who are still looking for a bit of adrenaline while they rest.

The rides follow a similar pattern, with Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, Woody Woodpacker’s KidZone, Woody Woodpecker Nuthouse Coaster and E.T. Adventure among those most applicable to some of the youngest guests. Both Universal parks provide plenty of offerings for young guests, but combining the rides with the interactivity of the Springfield area carnival attractions and Men In Black Alien Attack make this park feel more like a playground. Plenty of thrill rides, like Revenge of the Mummy, provide thrills for older guests, too.

Universal Orlando's Cinematic Celebration delivers the traditional nighttime spectacular to send off a full theme park day, and thus making our recommendation for families with young children or those who are not attuned to thrills Universal Studios Florida.

For the Thrill-seekers

Those who want to visit Universal for the thrills should make Universal's Islands of Adventure their priority if only visiting one park.

Some of Orlando's biggest and most exciting rides are housed within this park, including Jurassic World VelociCoaster and Incredible Hulk Coaster. It also contains some of the best in theme park technology, like Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure.

What about the Harry Potter fans?

Fans of Harry Potter can spend an entire day between both parks' offerings. But if only looking to pick one park, we recommend Universal's Islands of Adventure. Though the Harry Potter lands are among the best theme park areas anywhere, Universal's Islands of Adventure gives guests access to Hogsmeade and gets them up close and person with the legendary Hogwarts Castle.

No matter what guests' needs are, Universal's parks provide the perfect complement to both preference and schedule.

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