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Where you should watch Disney's new nighttime spectacular from

Part of the joy of watching a new fireworks show for the first time is getting that all-too-perfect seat that gives a complete view of the newest nighttime spectacular. And now that Walt Disney World® Resort has debuted two of them, knowing where to stake out a spot feels all the more relevant.


The new EPCOT® nighttime spectacular is easy to find the right spot for. The dining package and dessert party will give you the perfect view, but if you would prefer a more typical experience, you will want to position yourself directly center with the show's centerpiece barge. The best options to do so are at the entrance of World Showcase or at the pavilions directly to its back: namely America or Japan.

How long you should wait in advance is totally dependent on crowd levels, but it may require at least an hour. The best practice is to simply keep an eye on those areas throughout your evening in the park, grabbing your own seat once it starts to fill with other guests.

Disney Enchantment

A large portion of the joy for Magic Kingdom® Park's newest show is how different the viewing experience is from so many different locations. While, yes, the projections on the Mainstreet, U.S.A. Area buildings are a spectacular piece of the viewing experience, it serves better as a post-first-impression additive. If you are spending multiple evenings in the park, watch it from farther back on subsequent viewings.

My recommendation for the first viewing is to take it farther up the area, in the zone behind the Partners statue. Toward the back of that section, where the street itself intersects with the last bit of the hub area, gives the most comprehensive—but still close-up—view of what is happening on the castle. Fireworks and special effects feel exceptionally close, and never before have I witnessed a Disney nighttime spectacular where I have felt so immersed in the show.

Though impossible to miss on your way out of the park, don't forget to stop and watch the Beacon of Magic on Spaceship Earth.

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