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When do the Disney parks change holidays?

There’s an incredible point every year when Disney changes from Halloween to Christmas. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch decorations changes from one holiday to the other in the middle of a trip, or at least be able to catch one of their decorations.

While Halloween merchandise can still be found at both parks, the red-and-green has now gone on sale with patterns that match candy canes and frosted cookies. It is unknown exactly when Halloween merchandise will find its way ghosting store shelves in the parks, but with holiday decorations already up in both Disneyland® Resort and Walt Disney World® Resort, it can’t be around much longer.

Since Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (and of course, Halloween) run until the very end of October, Halloween decorations are likely to last until at least the end of the week on both coasts. Disney officially lists the Christmas decorations for Disneyland Resort as running from Nov. 8 to Jan. 6.

Nov. 8 is also the start date for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party in Walt Disney World Resort, so all of the decorations should also be up in Magic Kingdom® Park by then.

Due to the size of Walt Disney World Resort, decorations sometimes can take a bit longer to appear around property. With four parks and an enormous, ever-expanding list of resort hotels, decorations do not go up in every single location overnight.

Still, decorations all go up within a short period of time, and can be expected within a few days of Nov. 8.

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