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What you cannot miss in Disneyland Resort

Updated: May 16

Disney’s two parks in California are loaded with dining, activities and other must-do attractions. Disneyland® Resort, Walt’s original park, shares some similarities to many other Disney theme parks, but its proximity to where Walt Disney Imagineering operates and its intimate size give it an identity all its own. So what there can you not miss?

Attraction: It’s a Small World

The iconic attraction packed with gorgeous colors, dancing dolls and the ever-catchy tune is at its best in Disneyland Resort, as it is grander than many of its other iterations. The queue, like many in California, winds outside, leading to the enormous, external facade of the attraction. The incredible clocktower construction of Florida’s version is beautiful and spectacular, but the sheer scale of California’s iteration must be seen to be fully understood.

The attraction’s interior is different than other versions, too. It is loaded with some of Disney’s most famous characters and enough Easter eggs to keep even the most avid hidden Mickey hunters busy. While I have always enjoyed this attraction, it was Disneyland Resort’s that made me understand just exactly what makes it so special.

Dining: Plaza Inn

Dining options in Disneyland Park are plentiful, and there is no shortage of quality and variety. This recommendation is an original, as it stands as one of the last remaining restaurants where Walt himself used to eat. Food comes in enormous portions and at a fair price, making it a premium quick service unlike any other, and an incredible value. Everything is phenomenally seasoned and there are enough healthy options that make it worthwhile for those who are a little more cautious.

For those who are not, the fried chicken is a necessity. It’s some of the best I’ve ever had in a theme park, and accompanying it with perfectly seasoned sides makes for an outstanding meal.

Show: Fantasmic!

There’s something special about this version of the show, whether it be the close proximity to viewing areas, differences in colors or the magnificent, life-size pirate ship, that make it stand out. Florida’s iteration of this show is outstanding in every way, but Disneyland Resort’s makes it just magical enough to be worth watching all over again if you have seen it before.

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