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What you cannot miss in Disney California Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park is unique when compared to all the others, as while it bears resemblance to several elements of Disney’s Hollywood Studios® and Epcot®, it holds an identity all its own. It is one filled with nostalgia, due to its old Hollywood streets and its enormous pier. There’s a ton to do in the park, and it is a lot different than the others, so what should you prioritize?

Attraction: Incredicaoster

ton of attractions could have made this list, and delving into them would likely take an article on its own. Incredicoaster stands above the rest because of everything it brings to the table. There are great storytelling elements and sensory effects (nothing beats the smell of hot cookies at the peak of a roller coaster), and it balances out some of the highest thrills in either of California’s Disney theme parks. There’s nothing quite like rocketing along a track to the blasting music from The Incredibles while overlooking one of Disney’s best lands.

That is ultimately what makes Incredicoaster so special: its roaring views over Pixar Pier. There is an atmosphere when boarding, riding and exiting that cannot be replicated elsewhere in the park, so factoring that atmosphere into an attraction that is already so masterful makes this one a no-brainer.

Dining: Lamplight Lounge

Lamplight Lounge takes traditional bar food to elevated levels, reinventing what used to be Cove Bar into a spot where animators can spend their time after a long day at work. Decor is gorgeous, aided by the fact that it sits at the edge of the lake where the unbelievable World of Color is held, overlooking the rest of Pixar Pier. It is easily one of the most surreal settings for any dining locations in a Disney theme park. It helps that the food is outstanding, too. The lobster nachos are as deserving of the hype as the rumors say, with plenty of other incredible foods and a an impressive alcohol menu that make it a must-try.

Show: World of Color

World of Color is the perfect bookend to the land that dominates so much of Disney California Adventure Park. It demands seeings it without spoilers and finding a spot early to get the perfect seat. It captures everything that makes Disney special, from innovation, to incredible storytelling, to moving music. Everything about it makes it one of Disney’s greatest creations, and perfectly encapsulates the entirety of the park.

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