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What to do with all those leftover Disney Dining Plan credits

No matter the Disney Dining Plan, such a high volume of food intermingled with an exceptional level of activity can occasionally leave meals by the wayside, meaning you’re left at the end of your vacation with dining credits unused.

So what do you do with them?

Get Breakfast

If you’re leaving Walt Disney World® Resort in the morning, quick service credits can be used on breakfast meals in resort hotel food courts, and snack credits can be used for pastries.

Trade Quick Service Credits

A quick service credit can be redeemed for three snack credits, and there’s nothing you have to do ahead of time to redeem it, but can instead let the cashier know at any location where you can buy snacks that you would like to use a dining credit instead.

In this case, all three of the converted snack credits have to be used in the same transaction, and snack credits cannot be combined to create meal credits. Similarly, a table service credit can be converted to two quick service credits.

Take Snacks Home

Resort hotel gift shops and bakeries are the perfect place to trade snack credits before leaving. Pastries are great snacks for the road for those driving, and the gift shops have loads of sealed snacks that are great to bring back home, whether to eat on a rainy day or to give to a family member or friend as a souvenir from vacation.

Alternatively, grab more elaborate treats when leaving the parks on your last day of vacation, or head to Disney Springs some point before leaving. Each location offers handcrafted sweets, and while they won’t last as long as the prepackaged ones, they make for a great use of credits.

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