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What makes Walt Disney World Resort special?

There are a lot of places in the world to see, many of them relatively inexpensive. There are vastly different cultures to experience, different cuisines to eat, temperate climates, unbelievable landscapes and quiet getaways. So why, then, do attendance numbers at Walt Disney World® Resort in the overly hot, growingly crowded and always rainy Central Florida continue to increase? There are cheaper theme parks and more thrilling rollercoasters across the country and farther out across the rest of the world, yet Disney’s Florida parks remain significantly more popular than the rest of them.

In reality, it’s popularity is likely due to an enormous number of factors, from quality of guest service, to family-friendliness, to variance of attraction styles and types of dining experiences. Walt Disney World® Resort serves as a hub for people of all different cultures and different tastes and hobbies to share them and experience one of the most unique cultural melting pots in all of the world. Real-world research has gone into everything from the lamps and buildings of Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park to the designs and the drinks at the pavilions of Epcot®’s World Showcase.

Yet despite the parks’ immersive theming, iconic sights and smells, nostalgia-driven family trips and diverse cast members, there’s an undercurrent of a theme that makes them different from all other theme parks in the world. Every inch of the Disney parks, whether it be Cinderella Castle at the end of Main Street, U.S.A.® Area or the calculated number of steps in between garbage cans, feels as if it was intentionally crafted as part of a dream started long ago.

The company’s reinforcement of dream-chasing may almost seem cliché to the uninitiated, but one step upon its grounds makes it clear that such an insistence has been so intricately woven through years of different business administrations. Despite the parks having naturally shifted from the original vision of Walt Disney, the incredible layers of detail and quality that still remains is undoubtedly in large part due to the dreams and goals of the parks’ founder.

Upon entering the parks, it’s no coincidence that guests today still feel the same overwhelming sensation of childlike awe that Walt himself instilled in nearly every piece of his work years ago, thanks to the efforts of cast members, Imagineers and executives to preserve the idea that dreams in fact can and do come true with a little hard work. It’s the sort of philosophy that changes a simple family vacation into a lifelong tradition or the spark of inspiration that kickstarts a guest’s very own project or dream back at home, and it’s what makes the expanse of Central Florida theme parks so special.

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