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What is the best Walt Disney World Resort park to spend Christmas in?

Updated: May 21

The holidays approach, and the Walt Disney World® Resort decor, dining and experiences shift to match. When it comes to the holidays—and specifically, Christmas day—each park serves a different role for guests and their preferences.

Magic Kingdom Park®

Disney's flagship Florida theme park speaks of quintessential Christmastime, with artificial snowfall throughout the Main Street, U.S.A. Area, its enormous tree at the park's entrance, its parade and its wreath-laden decorations. It is often the busiest park on the holiday, but it's also the one that matches best the idea of a classical, elegant Christmas.

It also is the place to be for holiday attraction overlays, with the Jingle Cruise version the history Jungle Cruise headlining.


There's something special about attending EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays on the day so many countries are celebrating, with holiday food from around the world adding to the fun. With so much respect dedicated toward additional cultures through entertainment and dining, EPCOT is the place to be for those who may not want to celebrate Christmas itself, or who are used to spending it surrounded by family and food.

Disney's Animal Kingdom®

Christmas with live animals? Yes, please.

Though Magic Kingdom Park and EPCOT often boast the most intensity in relation to the holidays, Disney's Animal Kingdom is no slouch. With shorter operating hours, it is the perfect destination for those who may have additional plans outside of the parks on the hold.

Disney's Hollywood Studios®

Disney's Hollywood Studios blends the campiness of its park with the classic decor of Magic Kingdom Park, offering an environment unique to itself. Star Wars serves as an accompaniment to the holidays for many families, and so connecting the park's family-fun holiday atmosphere with a land dedicated to the franchise makes for a cohesive feeling that's much like sitting on the couch to watch your favorite holiday films together.

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