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The best time to visit Walt Disney World® Resort in 2023

Updated: May 21

When guests travel to Walt Disney World Resort can often be a matter of schedule, guests with varying interests and questions often ask for the best time to travel throughout the year. We've broken this year down into different categories and offerings, so you can best find what aligns most with your interests.

Lowest Crowds

Those looking to hop on as many attractions as possible and who are not tied to school schedules will often find lowest attendance aligns with the time periods where children are returning to school after time off. This year, those who are looking for low attendance should consider traveling in late August and September.

Best Weather

Orlando is currently in its warm, sunny period preceding what is often a rainy summer. June-August are often the city's hottest months, so those looking for cool, drier time periods should look to travel between October and next January.The closer to January you travel, the more moderate the temperature often is.

Ride Tron Lightcycle / Run

Disney's newest attraction is set to open in Magic Kingdom® Park on April 4, just a day after the beloved Happily Ever After nighttime spectacular makes its return to the park. Traveling any time on or after April 4 should grant access to the new attraction, but guests should be aware a virtual queue system will be in place.

Experience EPCOT® in Full

We don't know precisely when EPCOT's construction will be complete, but the last official announcement dated late 2023 as the target. Simply, those who want to see all that the new vision of EPCOT has to offer should aim to travel as late in the year as possible until an official date is provided.

Get the Optimal Dining Experience

One of our favorite dining festivals, the EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival, is currently happening through July 5. Our other favorite—specifically in regard to eating—the EPCOT International Food & Wine Festival, is likely to start in mid-July and continue through mid-November.

Magical Dining Month, Orlando's city-wide, pre-fixe charity dining celebration that offers special menu items for fair prices (and includes Disney restaurants) took place from Aug. 26-Oct. 2 last year. Those interested in getting the best of all possible dining availability should aim for September this year.

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