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What is Rider Switch?

Updated: May 16

Rider Switch is the perfect system when guests in your party don’t want to experience an attraction (or don’t meet the height requirement) but you do. Rider Switch is only available on select attractions, so always ask a cast member before getting in line.

After arriving at the ride’s entrance with your party and letting the cast member know that you intend on using Rider Switch, at least one adult and the guests who are not riding will receive a pass for Rider Switch. The riders will be asked to wait in a specified location, typically at the end or past the exit of the attraction.

The guests without the passes will board and ride the attraction as normal, and when finished they will join the rest of their party. The party members with the passes, which will be validated by a cast member, will then be able to board the attraction. They’ll walk right in without having to wait in line again.

If only one person with a pass had to wait alone with children, then they’ll be allowed to take up to two other guests with them so that they don’t have to ride alone.

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