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What Disneyland is doing to keep guests safe from the coronavirus

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world and the United States of America, Disneyland® Resort officials announced precautions the company is taking to keep cast members and guests safe.

Company officials are keeping in touch with health agencies to monitor the true threat and greater impact of the coronavirus situation. Onsite health teams and leaders are following CDC guidelines by recommending cast members stay home when sick, wash hands often with soap and water, practice safe coughing methods, avoid contact with the sick and avoid touching their face. These are common practices that all guests should implement both at home and when traveling to ensure maximum safety from germ spreading at all times.

Increased efforts are also being implemented into the parks, with health and safety protocols already in place that include cast members receiving training on how to properly maintain increased levels of cleanliness. On top of individual training for cast members, Disney has enforced cleaning cycles for all areas of the parks, “wash down” processes for outdoor areas and sanitation procedures for restrooms and kitchens at the end of each day.

Disneyland Resort also maintains that guests will have easy access to hand washing and sanitizing tools to uphold personal cleanliness and safety at all times.

Disneyland Resort officials insist that operations may be adjusted based on recommendations by health organizations, but as for now, the parks will continue to operate under normal hours.

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