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Walt Disney World Resort’s top 3 all-you-care-to-enjoy meals

All-you-care-to-enjoy restaurants are a trend that has been around Walt Disney World® Resort for several years, and has become one of the destination’s must-do dining experiences. While there are different formats, the premise remains the same: as long as you want it, you’ll get more food for no additional charge. There are a handful of them throughout property, so which are the best?

Liberty Tree Tavern

For a taste of the American holidays on your trip, Liberty Tree Tavern in Magic Kingdom® Park provides a Thanksgiving-like dinner with the same portions you’d expect at Grandma’s. Six different themed rooms center themselves around some of America’s most recognizable historical figures, a unique and fitting atmosphere for a meal filled with roasted turkey breast, pot roast, pork, veggies, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes  and stuffing.

The lunch menu offers additional items available for order, while dinner is exclusively all-you-care-to-enjoy.


A great character dining spot for breakfast and a phenomenal meal for dinner, ‘Ohana has long been one of Disney’s most popular restaurants. It is for good reason, as the skewers of shrimp, chicken and steak constantly being brought around to your table throughout dinner make for a diner’s dream. Those meats only come after one of Disney’s best bread services and salads, noodles, chicken wings and dumplings. Perhaps most important is the bread pudding served at the end of the meal, as it has become renown as one of Disney’s best desserts.

With a late dinner and some clever timing, you might find yourself in the restaurant during Magic Kingdom Park’s nighttime spectacular, where the lights are dimmed and the music is pumped through the restaurant while you overlook the park and its show.

Whispering Canyon Cafe

Set in the heart of one of Disney’s most impressive resorts, this restaurant takes service to the next level with a wait staff who engages guests in games and foolery. It’s a blast, and asking for ketchup is a requirement, but the food still manages to stand out. It comes in the form of skillets, each themed differently and containing different meats and sides. The bottomless combos offer such an incredible variety of Western cuisine that everyone in the family can be pleased without much difficulty.

On top of the variety comes almost flawless cooking. Meats are tender and so perfectly seasoned that they don’t demand heavy sauces and endless chewing. This all makes its affordable price an even bigger bargain, especially when remembering just how much food you’re given access to. Its delicious fare backed by some of the best service of any Disney restaurant cement Whispering Canyon Cafe as not only the best all-you-care-to-enjoy joint, but one of the best dining experiences at Walt Disney World Resort.

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