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Walt Disney World Resort has begun easing COVID-19 restrictions

Based on guidance in the face of rising vaccine numbers, Walt Disney World® Resort has announced it will soon begin easing several of its COVID-19 restrictions.

Temperature Scans

Walt Disney World Resort will no longer be scanning guests' temperatures beginning May 16. Though the rest of security and park empty processes will remain the same for the time being, the process should be more efficient now that guests are no longer standing in additional lines to have temperatures checked.

Social Distancing

Disney it is decreasing social distancing requirements in a phased approach. While all the details of the exact timeline and what it entails remain unknown, there already appears to be areas where the six-feet distancing requirement is no longer in place. The company's website no longer mentions social distancing markers in attraction queues, nor does it mention the spaces left between cars in parking lots.

For now, six-feet social distancing is still required in rest areas (where masks are permitted to be removed), in stores and merchandise locations and in restaurants or anywhere else where open food is common.

Face Coverings

Face coverings are still required in all the same cases as they were previously, though Disney did recently update its mask regulations to allow guests to remove them when taking stationary pictures outdoors.Otherwise, masks are still required when not drinking, dining or in rest areas, and masks must still be secured around the ears or behind the head and fit securely over the nose, under the chin and against the sides of the face. Neck gaiters and face coverings with valves are not permitted..

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