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Universal rides that are even better at sunset

Universal Orlando Resort has been made known largely for its stunning rides and fun atmosphere, and like any theme park, the views offered on some of the biggest attractions just as the sun sets are unparalleled.

The Incredible Hulk

Nothing beats the thrilling sensation of rocketing through the Orlando sky on The Incredible Hulk as sunlight spears through the spiraling track. From launching out of the initial tunnel into the blinding sky to bursting from the mist-filled tunnel into the golden sunlight, the entire attraction at golden hour is unlike any other.


Perhaps it is cheating to name Velocicoaster for the same reasons as The Incredible Hulk. Still, something about blazing up to the top of coaster's hill at 70 miles per hour just to pause at the top, the sun-soaked layout of Islands of Adventure stretching below, before dive-bombing back into even more extreme thrills presents a roller coaster (pun intended) of emotions that makes putting two roller coasters on the list seem okay.

Hogwarts Express

Okay, maybe we felt bad about including a third roller coaster. And yes, this ride is mostly seen through screens and special effects. And sure, most of the queue takes place indoors.

But what none of that takes into account is the atmosphere delivered by stepping onto the loading platform and diving into an excursion across the wizarding world. In a park full of awe-inspiring sights, there's a simplicity in such moments that truly creates the magic.

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