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Universal lifts outdoor mask mandate—what are the rules now?

COVID-19 rules have been rapidly shifting in theme parks, as higher vaccination counts across the United States, CDC guidance and the pending summer heat have parks adjusting their guidelines more often than ever.

As of May 18, 2021, here’s what you can and can’t do with the current rules in place:


Masks are no longer required outdoors. Whether eating, drinking, or just walking or hanging out, masks are not required to be worn when outside in the parks or at CityWalk. They are required when indoors, in line for anything or near dining areas, so it is still required that you have a mask with you at all times.

Social Distancing

Social distancing has moved to three feet, or one meter, in all locations and lines. Universal still uses markers and enforces guests distance themselves from one another. Though it will certainly not be a permanent precaution, there is no announcement indicating a decrease in that number is imminent.

Hand Sanitizer and Cleaning

Universal still has an emphasis on additional cleaning procedures, and among those are required handouts of hand sanitizer before boarding each ride. While the optimal scenario is one where guests wash their hands regularly, the lack of ability to verify it means team members dole out hand sanitizer often.

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