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Understanding Universal Orlando Resort's new COVID-19 precautions

Just last week, Universal Orlando Resort updated their coronavirus safety precautions, walking back temperature scans and six-foot social distancing rules. Still, many of their regulations are still in place, so here is how you know what to expect.

No More Temperature Checks

Temperature checks are no longer happening at the entrance to any Universal theme or water park. Instead, guests simply go through the typical security checkpoints in order to enter, just like they did pre-coronavirus.

Reduced Social Distancing

Social distancing requirements and line markers have gone from being six feet apart to three feet apart, the same as the CDC recommends for schools. Universal is one of the first theme parks to halve its social distancing requirements, and it should make lines look significantly shorter while making wait times more accurate than before. In previous experience, wait times tended to be much less in practice than what was listed on the sign.

The Rest Remains in Place

Social distancing is still required, even if the requirements were consolidated. Similarly, guests must still wear secure face coverings at all times while not eating or drinking, and team members give out hand sanitizer to every guest before boarding a ride.

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