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Tomorrowland is changing, and it’s good news

Walt Disney himself made famous the idea that his parks were going to forever be in a state of change, always evolving in what they stood for and what they were comprised of.

With new lands wrapping up construction in Hollywood Studios®, Marvel content being added to Disneyland® Resort and Epcot®undergoing an overhaul, that philosophy is now clearer than ever.

Not all projects are sudden changes; however, as places such as the Tomorrowland® Area are undergoing gradual developments that, over time, will drastically change their look and feel.

The addition of the drool-worthy the Tron coaster to the back of the land is no secret by this point, and the closure of Stitch’s Great Escape and alterations to the Tomorrowland Speedway (due to Tron) show that the land might be in for bigger changes as the years go on.

And the best part of it all is that it looks like the land is set to keep much of its personality.

The retro-future aesthetic of the ‘80s and ‘90s has made the area one of the most memorable locations in all of Walt Disney World® Resort, its pastel colors and neon lights an ode to the uniqueness of an era that is now little more than a memory.

And as time changes, it was inevitable that the area would one day have to change, too. Yet, with a new design to the famous purple wall and new paint being added to some of the nearby buildings, it looks like the area is going to not only retain the idea behind its current iteration but build on it further.

The new orange and turquoise colors that pop off some of the freshly painted walls show a dedication to the theme and atmosphere of the land that’s both reassuring and refreshing. There’s a healthy mix between the new pristine whiteness of some of the land and the old-school rainbow of color it has always been known for.

With all the changes coming to Disney parks in the next few years, the faithfulness to the themes of the Tomorrowland® Area shows that the rest of the additions across property are in the best hands.

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