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Tips to eat cheaper at Walt Disney World without losing the dining experience

For many guests, dining is an enormous part of the Walt Disney World® vacation experience, but like many vacations, putting an emphasis on eating can run up the bill. There are plenty of diverse dining options for different price ranges to accommodate for such, but there are also some steps guests can take to mitigate prices.

Bring Snacks

If you place an emphasis on dining is restaurants, then bringing things that’ll last in a backpack all day like granola bars and nuts is the way to go. The option is still there to grab those iconic Disney snacks if you so desire, but you won’t be locked in to only paying for food in the park.

It’s also good to have those snacks regardless, as they’re perfect to have while standing in line or waiting for a late reservation time.

Snack More, Dine Less

For those less particular on how they’re getting their food, picking up small snacks in the parks throughout the day instead of eating full meals at table or quick service restaurants can keep expenses low. Just a couple of those Instagram-worthy snacks or specialty items from quick service restaurants should be enough to keep the average guest charged throughout the day.

Stick to Quick Service

Quick service restaurants are, in nature, a faster and cheaper alternative to the more elaborate table service restaurants, but sticking to quick service restaurants doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality of food or atmosphere in many cases. World Showcase has plenty of great and affordable food options that come with great views, like in the Mexico and Japan pavilions, and a picnic with a hotdog on the hub grass in front of Cinderella Castle is a magical dining experience all on its own.

In fact, one of Disney’s very best restaurants is quick service, but unless you saw the menu prices, it’d be easy to mistake for a full table service location.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share

If you absolutely don’t want to miss out on your favorite table service restaurant, we don’t blame you. A lot of the portion sizes at those restaurants are pretty large, and while I can certainly down mountains of plates on my own, sometimes it’s better to split a meal with a party member. It’s not a bad strategy when the Florida heat inevitably makes its appearance, as sharing dishes will prevent you from being bloated and weighed down by all the steak and fried chicken you just ate at lunch.

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