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The details changing in Epcot’s overhaul that might go unnoticed

Updated: May 16

At this past year’s D23, a reimagining of Epcot® was announced, and construction is already underway. While a lot of the upcoming improvements have already been listed, Disney often improves new lands and refurbishments in lots of small ways. With the entirety of Epcot being updated, here are some of the probably changes worth getting excited about:


Plant life  has always been an integral part of Epcot, especially during its festivals. Character topiaries dot walkways and portraits of changing flowers paint the bank of World Showcase Lagoon. The introduction of World Nature as one of Epcot’s newest areas indicates that greenery will be an even larger part of the park than before, with concept art showing nature blooming between attraction structures. It looks to contend for one of the most gorgeous locations in Walt Disney World® Resort, which is no small feat when considering its many parks and resorts.


A complete revamp of Epcot’s entrances means walkways throughout Future World could look and feel different. A new look to the place where guests spend such a significant part of their time is exciting on its own, but add to the fact the potential for more space to maneuver, and it becomes one of the park’s possible most exciting changes.


Music is one of the most integral parts of  the signature atmosphere Disney creates in each of its destinations, Chief among them has always been Epcot, with its entrance loop and Innoventions music some of the most iconic in all the Disney parks. That is only furthered by the previous nighttime spectacular, and aided by the fact that the next, Harmonious, is centered around music entirely. With the park’s refresh undoubtedly must come new music, a small background detail that is sure to change the identity of Epcot completely.

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