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The Biggest Disney World Additions in 2018

Updated: May 16

As the year comes to an end and some of Walt Disney World® Resort’s biggest additions in a long time linger on the horizon, the past year at the parks was a little quieter in terms of expansions. Looking back through the past year still reveals some awesome additions that are sure to be staples of Disney vacations for years.

New Restaurants in Disney Springs

The continuous expansion of Disney’s downtown area saw the addition of some of its biggest and most varied restaurants this past year. The Edison brought a new atmosphere with a host of nighttime, adult-exclusive entertainment. Maria & Enzo’s, Enzo’s Hideaway, Wine Bar George, Terralina Crafted Italian, and Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill all brought either new or reimagined table service dining experiences, while Chicken Guy introduced one of Disney’s most affordable dining options.

World of Disney

The Disney Springs superstore has been open for years, but was stripped of its carpet and completely redesigned. It’s a lot more modern now, its open design leading to better traffic flow and a more synonymous look with the rest of Disney Springs. It was only right that once Downtown Disney got a makeover to Disney Springs, that its headlining store did, too.

Toy Story Land

The biggest addition to the Disney parks this year was the opening of its new Toy Story-themed land. Coupled with what a must-try roller coaster, a green alien man saucer attraction, and a new, creative quick service restaurant, the new land has brought a lot of life into a park that has recently been undergoing a lot of changes and construction. Toy Story Land isn’t just a precursor to the upcoming Galaxy’s Edge or an area meant to fill up space and time in a park still being updated, rather, it’s an area with a ton of character and a lot of fun attractions that will stand on its own as an awesome addition to the parks for years.

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