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The best times to visit Universal Orlando Resort in 2021

Universal has extended its Mardi Gras celebration, meaning that—with Halloween Horror Nights dates having also been announced—the best times to travel to Universal in 2021 are greater than ever. Below we’ve put together when we recommend going to Universal Orlando Resort to make best use of events and crowd levels.

Late April

With Mardi Gras now extending from April 11 to May 2, late April provides the perfect timing for a last-minute getaway. The Mardi Gras celebrations at Universal have been nothing short of outstanding, with a great variety of delicious food and worthwhile entertainment.

Late April is also one of the lightest crowd levels for the parks during the spring, making it an opportune time to take advantage of all the holiday festivities have to offer.


The end of most schools’ summer break provides a prime opportunity to visit Universal Orlando Resort. Though crowd levels fluctuate for many theme parks around this time of year, it is generally pretty low for Universal.

Universal has just announced the opening date for Velocicoaster, its soon-to-be newest thrill ride, as June 10, 2021. Travelling during August means you’ll get an opportunity to ride Orlando’s fastest launch coaster in its opening season while skipping the first-day crowds.


The iconic Halloween Horror nights runs from Sep. 3-Oct. 31, 2021. If you want to experience the horror-themed event, there is no better time to go than in September, when the crowds are considerably less motivated by Halloween.

The very first and last days of September tend to see heavier crowds than the rest of the month, but the rest of September makes for a great time to go to Universal in general, and especially so if you want to experience Halloween Horror Nights.

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