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The best season to visit Universal Orlando Florida in 2022

Between it’s frequent holiday festivities and the Florida climate, finding the perfect time to visit Universal Orlando Resort can be a delicate balance that shapes how your vacation unfolds.

That is why our own recommendation is the springtime.

While there is no bad time to visit Universal’s parks, the summer and early fall heat makes us shift our preferences to earlier in the year. Though Halloween and horror fans should highly consider the fall, especially later into the season, guests who have an aversion to scares but still want to experience Universal’s festivals and events will find that during Mardi Gras.

The combination of stellar food booths, parade floats and live music enhance the Universal park experience, but never dampen it or threaten to upset the fateful theming if some of its more carefully detailed lands (like both of the Harry Potter ones). The indulge abundance of live entertainment harkens back to the theme park days of old, and instills optimism that Universal’s best days are likely ahead.

Combine that with a climate that, while warming, still has plenty of cooler days from the remains of January and early February. It makes navigating the parks and their load of activities all the more pleasant. It also cements the spring as the best time to visit Universal’s theme parks.

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